I vaguely remember sitting in Sunday School as a little girl and learning about the meanings of our names. When it got around to me I remember being so disappointed that my name only meant “crown.” All, I could think was “why couldn’t my parents name me something cooler?”  After walking through a season of feeling like I had lost who I was, I have really started to appreciate the meaning of my name.

You see, I have always felt like God had big things in store for me while also feeling so completely unqualified and unworthy for anything that could me deemed “big.” I had come to believe that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, brave enough, people-y enough (introverts raise your hand…). I had gotten to a point that I felt trapped as “just” Mom because I had stopped allowing myself to dream. The only thing I knew was, I simply wasn’t enough. We can so easily let the negativity spoken over us in life start to seem like it is our reality. I’m here to say that is a lie that Satan goes out of his way to get us to believe. In God you will never be unloved, forgotten, unworthy, unequipped, or alone! I hope this site will be a place that you can come to be reminded of that, a place where you can have your cup refilled and a place of encouragement on those hard days when you need it the most.


No matter what mistakes you’ve made, God loves you. No matter what areas in life you feel you don’t measure up in, God says you are enough. No matter who in your life has deemed you as not worthy of their time, God calls you his beloved. Even if your name is not Stephanie, YOU ARE the beloved Daughter of a great and mighty king, you are His prized possession, a splendid crown, with unmeasurable value to Him, our Father. YOU ARE ENOUGH! You might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean you are unloveable. You might have people walk out of your life, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy.

YOU are loved, worthy, enough!


10 thoughts on ““CROWN”

  1. Beautiful post! I am in a similar season of questioning my purpose and feeling lost. It is amazing the way God shows up in my day to day, in the little mundane moments I take for granted.

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  2. So true. So true. If we could actually grasp the magnitude of being royalty as “daughters of the King” our whole perspective on life ,and purpose, and self worth would shift. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. This is such a great reminder! Most of my life I’ve felt like I wasn’t enough, but your post reminds me that God values and loves us always. That’s awesome that your name means “crown.”


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