Motherhood Made Me Forget

I used to think “Mom brain” was a joke, but it is real and I’m pretty sure it feeds on lack of sleep & too little coffee in the morning. Somedays it seems like I cannot remember the simplest of things, somedays that’s a blessing.

I am grateful that I have forgotten things like being critical of my body. I have four littles looking to me for how a woman should look. I want them to see that there is no right or wrong. I want them to see contentment in ALL stages from pregnancy, to postpartum, to too tired to make working out a priority. So, I have forgotten to be critical because I want them to learn to love themselves how they are.

I am grateful that I have forgotten that I “need” to be perfect. There is laundry piled on the floor, a basket or two still waiting to be put away, dishes in the sink & that’s ok! With four kids, there are going to be messes here and there. I can’t do everything without something suffering. Motherhood has taught me to focus on the most important things and to give myself grace on the rest.

I am grateful that I’ve forgotten to take myself too seriously. Its always the moments I do something completely random that the kids seem to have the most fun. They need to see that grown ups can be silly too. The kids favorite part of our bedtime routine right now is singing silly songs. It adds about 5 minutes to our bedtime routine but they look forward to those few minutes of giggles every night after we read & brush our teeth.

I am grateful that I have forgotten how to stress over the millions of opinions on how to parent. God has entrusted my children to me (and my hubby). The decisions we make for our family aren’t going to be the decisions everyone else makes and THAT IS OK! I’ve forgotten how to beat myself up comparing myself to other Mommas, because at the end of the day, I don’t have their kids & they don’t have mine.

Best of all, I have forgotten how to feel unloved. I have four tiny humans who miss me when I’m gone. Who call me in the middle of the night when they are scared. I have four littles who look to me for comfort and guidance. These are my kids, this is my life, and that is one thing I won’t ever forget.

What are some things Motherhood has made you forget?


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8 thoughts on “Motherhood Made Me Forget

  1. This is a wonderful reminder of how wonderful motherhood is. It is a fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things and we should remember only those things that are important. Thank you for the post.


  2. So many things to for which to thank motherhood. It really can/does save us from ourselves if we let it. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I really struggled with letting go of my need for perfection until my 4th came along and it became a necessity! It tries to creep in every once in a while but I’ve gotten much better just letting things go and prioritizing time with family over everything else.

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  4. What a beautiful post! Motherhood is an amazing gift that we are given. It teaches us the truly important things in life, by helping us forget so many of the non important things. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. This is all so true. I have a big problem with perfectionism but God has been working that away in me. I chat about it a lot on my blog. It’s so funny that you talk about giving up on a clean house and that’s actually the opposite of what I just posted about today lol. Not perfection tho, just the basics. Then again, I only have 3 kids lol

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    1. I definitely have to have things straightened up, because clutter stresses me out. BUT, for me, I’ve learned that I don’t have to worry about a few dishes here & there. I can’t expect my house to look like a Fixer Upper episode every second of the day, its going to get messy. I’ve had to learn to not let it steal my joy if its not showroom ready when someone unexpectedly stops by.


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