For years I have cringed every time someone tried to comfort me with Jeremiah 29:11. Its a great verse, but when you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, it gets hard to believe.

I wanted to ask, HOW? How are you supposed to believe that your husband breaking his back was for good, when he can’t even hold his children? How do you believe those plans are for a future, when the future you had all planned out is taken away? How are you supposed to have hope as you fall further and further below the poverty line?

Sure, we’d grown closer to God throughout our trials. We were trusting in God’s plan. We were trusting in his timing, even if I was prone to still whine about that last part. We would catch glimpses of light here and there, but our future seemed overwhelmingly bleak. Everything we had spent the past decade planning for, hoping to accomplish for our family was gone. We had no clue what God’s plan could possibly be for us, but we kept pressing forward. We had no other choice, we were completely relying on God to open the right doors.

After over a dozen doctors said there was nothing that could be done for my husband’s pain, we found one willing to try. After dealing with an injury for SIX YEARS, we have a treatment plan that is working. Healing, provision, opportunity, the ability to dream again, its all been provided this year. It kind of sneaks up on you. One day you’re in the valley just trying to survive and all of the sudden you realize you’re on the mountain top, you survived.

Today I received a phone call about an application I had submitted at the end of last year. An application that basically said I needed help, I couldn’t do it on my own anymore. We were drowning and everyone was telling us that they couldn’t do anything. Today I was able to withdraw my application, I was able to share how God has opened AMAZING doors of healing for my husband. I was able to answer “YES!” to questions, that a few months ago would of left me teary eyed as I replied “no.” Today, I can read Jeremiah 29:11 and see how, as painful as it was, God’s plan really was for the best.

So, maybe its not the best verse to read if you’re in a valley. But can I just encourage you that even the bleakest of outlooks can turn around in the blink of an eye. Nothing is too big for God. Keep leaning on Him and if you EVER need to talk to someone I will gladly listen.

Embracing His plan-2


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