We started homeschooling when it was the only option for our family. Our oldest was eager to learn but missed the Kindergarten cut off by a few days. Rather than make him wait, I jumped in as an official homeschool Momma. I had Pinterest boards and flashcards, fun crafts and field trip ideas. Some of them happened, most didn’t. (If you want to check out my idea boards you can find my school ideas here & just some fun kid ideas here).

Fast forward a few years and our oldest is going into 3rd grade, with his little brother starting Kindergarten. Two completely different learning styles, different motivation levels, plus two younger siblings who aren’t even doing school yet. My Momma nerves were already shot just thinking about juggling the job of wife, mom AND teacher again.

Y’all, I swear these kids are smarter then me & the thought of trying to homeschool them through graduation, honestly terrifies me, so I started praying. I prayed that if God had intended homeschooling to just be a season for our family he would very clearly open the doors so that we could send the boys to our local private school. Slowly things started happening and long story short, the week after next I will send 2 of my kiddos off to school.

My hope is that in sending them to school, I will be able to be better Momma for them. I won’t be too stressed from trying to teach them all day. I know some seriously AMAZING homeschool Moms and I look up to y’all. The flexibility and opportunities you can give your kids through homeschooling are fantastic, and at the end of the day I am glad we experienced it, but I am also excited to move into this next chapter for our family.

At the end of the day whether you homeschool, send your kids to private school, or use the public school system, you have to make the decision that fits your family dynamic the best. No matter what school style you choose for your family, every kids favorite time of day seems to be lunchtime. I hope y’all will download these FREE printable lunch notes to share with your kiddos during their lunch or snack time. (click here to download)


Speaking of lunches, hit me with your favorite school lunch ideas. What do y’all send with your kiddos?



  1. This post is a breath of fresh air. Homeschooling can be tough. It has its incredibly rewarding moments, but its also stressful sometimes when trying to balance being wife, mom, and teacher all at once all the time. My kids started out in private school- we all loved it. Then we felt the best option was to homeschool this past school year. Now, I’m getting ready to send my first and second graders (possibly my Pre-K little one too, he’s on a waitlist) into the public school system. I’ve been struggling with the idea of public school for months, and it’s nice to be reminded that whatever we decide is ok. It is what works for us right now. Like you said some things are just meant for a season. It is wonderful to be able to give our children different options and experiences, and I agree it is exciting to move forward to new adventures. Thanks for posting, Steph! Its comforting to know we’re not alone in going through these kins of life decisions.


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