Blessedly Broken

I am shaking as I get ready to share this. I feel COMPLETELY and utterly unqualified, yet called to share. We had always planned on JC having a 20 year military career. When we felt nudged to move home, we told God “There was no way, we could never make ends meet.” God clearly had other plans! I joke that’s why JC broke his back. When things started “falling apart” I turned to God. When we lost that 20yr plan, when JC lost the ability to hold his children, when the burden was heavily on my shoulders, I learned to stop micro-managing & truly give it to God. As our desert season continued to get harder, I learned to find the smallest of things I could be thankful for.

Now looking back, I can see how every little detail was perfectly orchestrated by God to position us where we are today. I pray that this study will offer you some peace if you are walking through a desert season of your own.


Click the link to download your FREE 6 day study –Blessedly Broken

Blessedly Broken


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