Doing Better

Who knew that watching a simple documentary on where our food comes from in 2012 would have set us on the course towards planning a farm ministry & being more mindful of the items we purchased for our family? After all, we have the power to make a change just with the items we buy and the companies we support.


Watching Food Inc. gave my husband got the farming bug. He’d been raised to live off the land, hunting, fishing, and raising cattle but farming came by trial and error. I remember questioning the very first tomato he brought in from the garden, was it really safe to eat? Slowly, growing our own food as naturally as possible became more important to us.

After my husband was medically retired from the United States Coast Guard and we lost our livelihood, growing our own food became more important than ever. It was no longer based on conviction alone, but also necessity. So often what was ready in the garden was the only thing we had to feed our family. As God provided healing and provision for our family, He started to place a burden on our hearts for families going through hard times.


The products we choose to buy, the companies we support gives us the power to live out Galatians 6:2, in our ordinary everyday lives. Seeking out a small business or company that is committed to giving back can help us to share those burdens and let others know that they are seen, they are cared for, they are not alone. Support people who are willing to see a family struggling to put food on the table and say, “we can help.” Support people who hear that women are selling their bodies to survive and say, “I can hire you to do something safe.” Look for people and companies with a burden for those struggling, help them to carry whatever burden they are facing with your support.

I came across Elegance Restored after seeing another essential oil user post about them. I had never really thought about fair trade. Well technically that’s not true, I thought about fair trade when I’d saw the labels on things. So, I guess a better way to say that was I had never thought about what a lack of fair trade meant. Kelsey makes it SO easy at Elegance Restored to support fair trade, and has made it her mission to educate others on the importance of this issue. She says,

“With every dollar we spend we cast our vote for what kind of world we want. Sometimes votes are cast without even knowing what is being supported, things like slave labor, unhealthy, unfair working conditions and the perpetuation of poverty. If we desire to see hope and change in areas of poverty in our world we need to cast our votes for their good.”

For every item Elegance Restored sells YOU are making a difference, you are helping change happen. We get to choose how to spend our money and what is important to us. I hope we can erase the phrase “but that’s how we’ve always done it” from our vocabulary and instead commit to doing better. Let’s rise up, let’s share our passions, let’s encourage and empower others, let’s make a difference.


For my family that difference looks like using 50% of my income from Young Living to teach struggling families how to garden so they can provide for their children. Its taking a stand against hunger in our community. It looks like being mindful of the ingredients I bring into my home, and the things I expose my children to. For me, making a difference means supporting companies with similar goals. I want to see generations changed, communities and countries changed for the better, I want to see people cared for.

Y’all it doesn’t take much effort to try and be mindful of the products you’re buying and the companies you’re supporting. If you want a great list check out Still Being Molly’s ethical brand directory. Check it out here.


By choosing to support people and companies trying to make a difference YOU are offering encouragement to someone who needs it. You are helping to fight against trafficking, the orphan crisis, hunger & poverty. YOU are making a difference & that’s pretty amazing!


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