Our First Foster Call

I am an over planner by nature, it is something that I whine to God about frequently. No matter how much you plan nothing can fully prepare you for your first placement call.

I was about to walk into the dentist’s office when my phone rang, “Hello Mrs. Scott, we have…” My mind had already started screaming “YES!” but I quickly called the farmer hubby to make sure we were on the same page, called our licensing specialist back to officially say yes and walked into the dentist with my mind racing a million different directions. I thought it may be helpful to share the 5 things I did as soon as we knew we would be welcoming a child into our home.

  1. I prayed & messaged the prayer warriors in our life and told them the news. If anything was going to calm my nerves it was knowing that we had people praying for us, this new child, and their family. While it is exciting for us, it is someone else’s heartbreak, so praying for them should also be a priority.
  2. I grabbed a few things from the store just to be sure we’d have enough to make it comfortably through the first night.
  3. When I got home I pulled out my storage bin and pulled out everything in her size, made sure the crib was ready, and started to make note of things that I would need to stock up on.
  4. Accept help! I am so thankful for the outpouring of support from our church, friends, and family. Even if it is just a hug, the encouragement goes a long way when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Take it easy, don’t try to do everything you would normally do. Give your self grace while everyone adjusts, don’t stress about the unfinished to-do list. There will be time to get to that later.

Bonus tip: If you’re certified to take in infants, have a baby carrier on hand. Our little one wouldn’t let me leave her sight for the first day or so. The baby carrier let me still get some necessities done.

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