Our Story


We are the Scott Family. Two high school sweethearts raising our kids on a little piece of land back in the small town we grew up in. My husband JC and I were both born and raised in Central Florida, surrounded by cow pastures and orange groves.

We are currently raising pastured poultry and cows with plans to have rabbits again soon. When we’re not busy chasing kids or animals, I am usually trying (and failing) to get JC to stop buying more fruit trees. I don’t think he can leave the house without returning with something new to plant on our property. Constantly tinkering and trying new grafting methods there is almost always a stem or something new for him to try and grow hiding in a pocket or a cupholder somewhere.

Some of the cuttings JC has used on our property came from fruit trees planted on the old family property down the road where JC’s Great Grandfather settled down, back in the 1920’s. I love that we can carry on what his family started.

Our philosophy

We believe Farmers have a God given job to be stewards of the land and the animals we raise. We work hard to consciously cultivate the land, and to build a strong sustainable system that will encourage the healthiest life for our plants and animals, and eventually our customers. We believe that knowledge should be shared and we strive to educate our community on the benefits of this type of sustainable farming whether its in your backyard or on acres of land. A fourth generation Florida Cracker, JC has seen that the old stories and skills that used to get passed down generation to generation in every family have become a thing of the past and its our hope that The Faithful Farmstead can be a source of knowledge for the whole community. We believe that whether its a sunrise, a new baby animal being born on the farm, or a fresh piece of fruit from our grove that you can see God’s handiwork all around, and we hope that as you follow along you see that as well. 

How we named our farm:

After over a decade in the military we are getting to build the little farm we’ve dreamed of since 2012. That sentence alone is a miracle. After breaking his back on a military training exercise we lost everything. The military career, our livelihood, JC’s health. We moved back to a hometown that had carried on without us for over 10years and started trying to re-establish roots. The roots that grew the deepest in those years were the roots of our faith. The trials we’d face, the pain and the loss, it all brought us closer to God than we had ever been before. 

As we started to let go of the dream to have our own farm, God started re-shaping it to serve Him, and putting a passion in our hearts for sharing our first fruits with hungry families in our community. JC does this in part by leading a group of students at our local school in a program he created called Mission Ag. These middle & high school students learn about agriculture in a hands on way and see first hand how their efforts are able to provide food back to families in our community.

JC eventually found healing for his back, and so here we are. Starting our farm on 10acres that we get to call our own. Throughout all our struggles God remained faithful to our family. So when it started looking like our dream to build a family farm was going to be possible we wanted to make sure that we were always pointing back to God. The Faithful Farmstead is a name that I hope reminds you that,

“…with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26