Relentless Pursuit

I am more like Jonah than I would like to admit. I’m all about following God’s will when it matches MY plans. The problem starts when He asks me to do big, terrifying, or inconvenient things. It’s so easy to start trying to barter in our prayers. “God, the kids have award ceremonies, banquets, and … Continue reading Relentless Pursuit

Blessedly Broken

I am shaking as I get ready to share this. I feel COMPLETELY and utterly unqualified, yet called to share. We had always planned on JC having a 20 year military career. When we felt nudged to move home, we told God "There was no way, we could never make ends meet." God clearly had … Continue reading Blessedly Broken

Surviving the Pain

Its so crazy to think back, as I sit here ready to type from the other side. But, after a few years of walking through what I have often called our dessert place, I think its safe to say we're officially done with that season. Sure, we still have some uncertainties and some hurdles, but … Continue reading Surviving the Pain


For as long as I can remember I have loved "old" things. I think that is partially why I have been so drawn to this whole Farmhouse vibe that seems to be so popular nowadays.   The idea of simplicity, of having less but doing more, of being intentional, authentic, and hospitable. Growing up, my … Continue reading ARE YOU BUILDING TABLES OR FENCES?


With Mother's Day in the rearview mirror & several plates overflowing with activities and responsibilities right now, I have been thinking... ...Mommas, we need to give ourselves some more grace. We need to admit that we cannot do it all, at least not without our sanity suffering! I know, we've all heard it before. Have … Continue reading FOR THE MOMMA WHO FEELS LIKE SHE DOESN’T DO ENOUGH


One day when 7:30pm rolls around it won't be anything more then another hour in the day, but tonight they need me. Tonight, even though they have pushed me to my limits all day, tested boundaries and had to have more fights broken up then I could keep track of, tonight they need "big hugs … Continue reading BEDTIME REMINDERS – FOR THE WEARY MOMMA

Finding Faith

Have you ever walked through a season in your life where you just could not see how it would ever work out? Where no matter how hard you tried to fix it, how hard you prayed, or how many times you dropped to your knees sobbing, the answer just wouldn't come? A season when people … Continue reading Finding Faith