Our First Foster Call

I am an over planner by nature, it is something that I whine to God about frequently. No matter how much you plan nothing can fully prepare you for your first placement call. I was about to walk into the dentist's office when my phone rang, "Hello Mrs. Scott, we have..." My mind had already … Continue reading Our First Foster Call

Surviving the Pain

Its so crazy to think back, as I sit here ready to type from the other side. But, after a few years of walking through what I have often called our dessert place, I think its safe to say we're officially done with that season. Sure, we still have some uncertainties and some hurdles, but … Continue reading Surviving the Pain


One of my favorite things is fresh baked bread. I can never wait for the loaves to cool before I slice into them and somehow, it always feels like Christmas morning. The anticipation as I'm cutting in, trying not to squish the still hot bread, wondering did it cook all the way through? After a … Continue reading A BUSY MOMMA’S BREAD RECIPE