Essential Oils

In 2012 our family started dipping our toes into this whole living naturally thing. We had just bought a house, planted a garden, bought some chickens and rabbits, and for the first time we started trying to live more traditionally. I like to say its old fashioned living because, while most people are quick to laugh at living what we call “naturally” in the good ole’ days it was just called “living.” There didn’t used to be a grocery store every few miles, there was no Amazon Prime to ship the latest need straight to your door, people used to be self sufficient. That has become our goal and essential oils are just one of the ways we try to achieve that for our family.

Nowadays, this Momma runs on Jesus, coffee, and essential oils! A few years into our wellness journey I started learning more and more about the toxins that are hiding in so many of the products we have become used to buying for our families. It is enough to get a Momma fired up enough to grab a garbage bag, and snatch the body wash you’ve been using for years out of the shower, while your husband is still in said shower. He might of looked at me like I was crazy.

Since then we have slowly replaced the products in our house little by little, with quality products either purchased from companies I feel like I can trust or things I diy’d with my oils. Our cupboards, cleaning cabinets, and bathroom shelves have been totally changed. The majority of products I buy nowadays come from Young Living. Because lets face it, as a Mom of four I don’t always have time to diy. Y’all Young Living is so much more then oils. We use the dishwasher detergent, laundry soap (even on our cloth diapers), bath gel, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaner (as in singular, no “s” needed. Thieves cleaner is the only cleaner we use in the house). The kids have their own line of products, and the baby line is amazing!

While there are SO many great things that Young Living offers the easiest way to get started is the kit. The premium starter kit comes with:

-12 of the most widely used essential oils

-A diffuser of your choice (I am LOVING the Desert Mist diffuser, bonus its kid tough Levi already dropped it once)

-Sample packets of Ningxia Juice, or as the kids call it “Ninja juice”

-Sample of the Thieves cleaner concentrate

-Thieves hand sanitizer (not pictured)

-Cute little sample (or travel sized) glass bottles

-2 roller ball lids

-Some literature to get you started

-A team to help support you on your wellness journey. We share recipes, diy’s, promotions, etc.

YOU can grab your own starter kit and join our team here —> Click to grab your own Young Living Starter Kit


Once you have ordered your kit please send me a message through my contact page. I would love to add you on Facebook and get you added to our teams wellness support groups.

I cannot wait to celebrate the start of your journey with you and cheer you on as you take back control. If you’re still not sure, or have any questions just let me know. I would love to chat with you more about how these oils have changed our lives and how we’re using them to change the lives of families in our community.