Privacy Policy takes your privacy seriously. The policy described below describes what information is collected, and how it is used, when you visit my site.


The only personal information I see is what you decide to share when you leave a comment, or send me a message. This information might include your name, location, or other identifying information.

My web host, network, and affiliates (or advertisers) may collect information such as the website that referred you to, the system you use, service provider, length of your visits, pages you view and searches on our site.


This non-personal info can be used to help me analyze my site traffic and better understand what topics are having the most impact, what topics my readers would like to see more of, what promos might be a good fit, and other targeted activities/events/posts.


Cookies are yummy šŸ˜‰ They are also bits of information that websites store on computers when people visit those sites. This is not personal information but rather is similar to the ā€œNON-PERSONAL INFORMATIONā€ description above.


Faithfoilymade may use third-party advertising on our site. Any companies featured may have access to your non-personal information so that they can feature ads that best fit your needs.


From time to time I might provide links off of to sites or to products I feel like sharing with my readers. I cannot be responsible for the content of every site on the internet, and while I will only share what I feel are sites/products worth checking out, you should review each sites own privacy policy if it concerns you.


Faithfoily made may choose to use select affiliate links. I will never become an affiliate for something I do not think is worth recommending to my readers. By choosing to become an affiliate I will earn a commission, if you use my link to make a purchase. There is no mark up for this, often times I will actually be able to refer you with a special coupon code. Ā I may also review products that I feel would be of benefit to my readers and will never post a false review just to receive a product. I only want to provide y’all with the best helpful information and products I can.


If at anytime I feel it is needed I retain the right to revise, amend, and make changes to my privacy policy. Please check my policy from time to time, if you continue to use my site after I have made any changes to my policy that means you have accepted the change.


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