Doing Better

Who knew that watching a simple documentary on where our food comes from in 2012 would have set us on the course towards planning a farm ministry & being more mindful of the items we purchased for our family? After all, we have the power to make a change just with the items we buy [...]


This weekend will be THIRTEEN years of marriage for JC and me. It has not always been easy. As we've grown in our faith I have learned that praying for your spouse & your marriage is SO important. One of my favorite memories of our wedding day was when my childhood pastor stopped, in the [...]


One day when 7:30pm rolls around it won't be anything more then another hour in the day, but tonight they need me. Tonight, even though they have pushed me to my limits all day, tested boundaries and had to have more fights broken up then I could keep track of, tonight they need "big hugs [...]

Motherhood Made Me Forget

I used to think "Mom brain" was a joke, but it is real and I'm pretty sure it feeds on lack of sleep & too little coffee in the morning. Somedays it seems like I cannot remember the simplest of things, somedays that's a blessing. I am grateful that I have forgotten things like being [...]